Akihiro KATO

Born in 1992. From Japan.In parallel with learning the theory and practice of media and art in the undergraduate age, he deepened the broad interest such as geek culture. After experiencing web production practice, I entered IAMAS to learn media expressions. He studied with professor Shigeru Kobayashi and learned practical production and measures for social experiments.Interest is about the intersection of new technology and society based on web technology.I'm considering the possibility of using new technologies for problems of modern society and inefficient systems.


Awards and Nominations

2018: 北九州デジタルクリエイターコンテスト, 中谷 日出 審査員賞 受賞, http://kdcc.info/archive/2018.html


2017: IAMAS 2018 Graduation and Projects Research Exhibition, http://iamas.ac.jp/exhibit18